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Workshop de Yuri Marmerstein


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Pues nada, para quienes le conozcan y a quien le pueda interesar el Sr. Marmerstein va a realizar un curso en Lloret de Mar en febrero.

Os dejo el link con la información.





Basic schedule for the weekend:

Saturday: Beginner and Intermediate Hand Balance
-Physical preparation for the training
-Alignment Work
-Arm Support
-Dealing with fear and stress when learning the handstand
-Progressions towards balancing a freestanding handstand
-Learning to use the three layers of balance to build strength, control, and lead into more advanced skills
*Useful for all levels. Beginners get an idea of how to approach the training, while int/adv students learn higher levels of refinement and different perspectives. Part of the curriculum is also how to effectively teach the material.

Sunday: Int/Adv Hand Balance, Recovery, and floor acrobatics
-Soft tissue release, mobility work, and other tricks to stay healthy and increase longevity in training
-Progressions towards more advanced hand balance skills like the press handstand, handstand pushups, movement and transitions within HS, and the one arm handstand
-Physical and Psychological preparation for floor acrobatics
-The differences between learning tumbling skills as an adult or a child
-The differences between gymnastics, tricking, capoeira and other styles of floor based movement
-How refinement of basics leads towards advanced skills
-Progressions for basic floor acrobatic skills such as butterfly kick, macaco, back tuck or handspring(may be dependent on the equipment available and level of the group)

About the event:
-The format is very open and the schedule is more of a loose outline. Curriculum of a course is unique to that course and is dependent on the level of the participants, what they want to learn, and the equipment we have available.
-All levels and backgrounds welcome. This is a unique learning experience that can be applied to different perspectives.
-The main idea behind the material is to use acrobatic movements as a tool to help develop increased body control and self-awareness.
-The 2-day course is a way to really get into the finer details of the skills that cannot be expressed fully in a short class or workshop.




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